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Braida Smart Seating Matters
Industrialisation and production specialists of bespoke seating and furniture
Tradition and know-how a few kilometres away: our factory is the Chair District
Support in the production of bespoke seating on design
Sustainability at your fingertips: thinking at production and design logics in a
sustainable way
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Passionate producers

Braida operates in the heart of the Chair District of Manzano (Udine). Marco and Lorenzo Braida were “born among the chairs”, as their first home was the office of the first chair factory of their father Marino, who started his job as a worker when he was 14, and then opened his first business with his three brothers in 1959.

From manufacturers of chairs designed by numerous international designers, including for example the Norwegian Jan Sabro, in the last 10 years we have become manufacturers of custom-made furniture solutions, acquiring a transversal and complete experience on materials, finishes and processes that we are able to make available to the most creative designers.


We can produce prototypes, small series but also orders of thousands of pieces and / or several models at the same time, our “record” was the production of 40 models made for a single project, the Sofitel Tour Blanche Hotel in Casablanca, under the strict supervision of Sofitel’s architects and the general contractor, to whom we also presented other partners for complementary products.

Bespoke is our vocation, eco-sustainability our commitment

We provide our creativity, the best technology and the know-how of the Chair District to make even the most difficult idea possible. If ideas have no limits, why should reality have any?

Since 1959, at the service of architects, interior designers, and general contractors

If you are an architect, an interior designer or a general contractor, you know how important it is for your work to find a company capable of giving you quick answers on the feasibility and costs of the projects you are involved in. It will also be essential for you to be able to combine design and safety while respecting the deadlines and the given budget.

Braida assists designers with ad hoc consultancy during the conception phase.
Customising and making an environment unique in order to obtain maximum production economy is the goal we like to achieve.





How we can help you

Know-how, creativity and concreteness: these are the keywords of Braida furnishing solutions, handcrafted through the combination of selected materials and the use of the best technologies available for seating and accessories

Braida designs and produces furnishing objects with different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, of a modern or classic genre, mainly for the contract and office sector or for specific orders.

In addition to its own line of chairs and tables, created in collaboration with prestigious designers, Braida is also able to provide highly qualified third party production management services, support for the design, prototyping and industrialization of new items.

Technology has provided a unique possibility to those who have a project or an idea to realise: seeing it first-hand. The prototype will allow you to see your idea and, with the help of our experts, you will be also able to optimise it and improve it.

A complete and punctual service, ranging from initial consultancy to logistics, to managing the transfer to the destination, as well as on-site installation and possible packaging recovery.

Concepts acts proactively by helping you identifying at the very beginning the problems that may arise and by immediately thinking about their possible resolution.


We produce everything you design

We guarantee you the best solutions to furnish hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, offices, libraries and any other type of collective space with style. We want to give maximum value to your experience with us. This is why we place ourselves as the only mediator: from technical evaluation to design support, up to the realisation of products and your projects

Step 1

collection of customer expectations project evaluation product development and technical drawing

Step 2

definition of materials, finishes and details
prototype realization
collection of technical and design feedbacks

Step 3

production to order product delivery on time after-sales assistance

Knowing what to look for in a chair and how to choose the most suitable one for each room is a fundamental requirement when designing a furnished space.

That is why we have prepared an informative guide for you where we have included some useful tips and advice from our own experience.

Download our tips and find out how to choose the right seat for your project!


Why choose Braida



The product is made exactly according to the required specifications also thanks to the possibility of making moulds and CNC programs.



The production is entirely made in Italy, with a constant and precise control of materials and processing.



16 wood finishes, 6 standards for metal, 413 between fabrics, leathers, 3 colours in polyethylene, 525 laminates. Customer fabric service or sample wood and metal finishes!



The technical specifications are always respected, the resistance and comfort of the products guaranteed, also thanks to the support of CATAS, the lead times are always matched.



We want to work in harmony with people so that the collaboration is pleasant and profitable in the long term.



As a Benefit Company, we are constantly striving to produce with the lowest possible environmental impact.

We transform your ideas into unique and sustainable furniture



We have created over 300 new models and variants to meet the needs of customers in the contract sector. Products with attention to design, quality, comfort and with principles of environmental sustainability.

Relax areas

Cruise ships interiors

Trendy pubs

Dynamic workplaces

Conference centers

Comfort lounges

Modern bars

Hotel interiors

Meeting lounges


The choice that makes the difference

ISO 9001:2015

Braida has achieved ISO 9001 certification for the quality of its business processes. A standard recognised as the basis for continuous improvement.


Some Braida chairs have obtained the Mobelfakta certification (for the Swedish market) for quality, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.


Responsible forest management respects the environment and is economically sustainable. Braida uses FSC®-certified wood (FSC-C110857) for seats and tables.


Safety, strength and durability of raw materials and products are certified by the accredited testing laboratory according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 (No. 0027).


For supplies to hotels and public facilities in Italy, Braida can take care of obtaining the 1IM certification for fire resistance.


The seats supplied to the PA through the MEPA, meet the requirements of the CAM, to ensure a longer life of the products and a reduction of waste.


Sustainability at your fingertips

Since 2020, we became a Benefit Company

Italy's first benefit company in the seating sector

We developed FURNITURE FOR FUTURE, a project focused on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

From this project we created the FUTURE PROTOCOL, our company’s direction to apply sustainability in the production of seating. The goal is to think about the design and production logic in a sustainable way.

To find out more about it, read our article “Concepts by Braida’s sustainable direction.

Contact us for more information about our SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT


Collaboration with Studio Micheli

In 2019 starts the collaboration with Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, the prestigious architecture and interior design studio with offices in Florence, Milan, Puntaldia (Sardinia), Dubai, Rabat and Busan.

Micheli has chosen Braida thanks to the extreme production flexibility, the ability to produce with different materials and to the “just in time” service. Dozens of possible variants for each model that become hundreds of versions when combining coatings, wood and metal finishes.

That is how the collection GOOD is born.


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