The transports in a mad run: how to face the crisis between signs of improvement and rapid changes

Comes over one an absolute necessity to move. And what is more, to move in some particular direction. A double necessity then: to get on the move, and to know whither.

David Herbert Lawrence, Sea and Sardinia, 1921

The new year started with some positive signs of recovery. However, if we make an analysis at the end of the first quarter, we see that the situation is changing rapidly. In addition to the shortage of raw materials and the exponential increase in prices, the transport and logistics sector also seems to have entered the turmoil of the crisis. The direction? We still don’t know it and perhaps this is what keeps us on pins and needles.

What is happening to transport costs?

The delivery time is longer and forecasting transport costs is not always easy. This can be due to several matters.

On one hand, concerning the transport to England, after Brexit, it is mandatory to complete all customs procedures and this leads to longer delivery times.
On the other hand, there are the aftermaths of a global pandemic, the increase in fuel costs and the decrease of available drivers.

All this is causing some difficulties in finding the vehicles necessary for the transport of goods and in forecasting shipping costs and delivery times. For companies like ours, who work in the contract sector, making an offer becomes a challenge because it is very difficult to make long term programs due to the continuous fluctuation of prices.

Our experience with logistics: a concrete example from the contract furniture sector

Our customers usually collect their goods. In some cases, we are asked to organise the transport. This happens for the cruise ship industry orders.

Organising the loading and unloading of goods, estimating costs and the delivery dates, and coordinating the entire network of suppliers in such a way that the production chain works at its best, are just some of the many aspects to take into consideration.

Then there are also those days when it is necessary to face the unexpected. When managing an emergency, it is very important to be able to rely on a large network of suppliers. Thanks to this network, we were able to solve an emergency that occurred with a delivery abroad by offering our customer a tailor-made service.

What we did was look for a dedicated transport, not the cheapest solution of course, but the safest. Since the arrangements with the customer had already been made, we covered the additional costs. The goods arrived at their destination on time and the customer was satisfied with the service received.

Finding a solution in critical moments is never easy. Perfection doesn’t exist, but what we can do is always give our best living nothing to chance.

The chair district as a business network

Networking is essential and the Chair District is a perfect example of this. We at Concepts by Braida like to call it a “factory a few kilometres away”.

As the name itself indicates, within the District, there are more than 500 companies that work in particular in the seating sector. To give just a few examples, there are production partners specialised in working with metal, solid wood or plywood, polyurethane, expert upholsterers… in short, nothing is missing.

A wide network of trust between suppliers and subcontractors. Just like a small factory a stone’s throw from home that for us at Concepts earned the nickname of “a factory a few kilometres away”.

A great advantage and a real fortune for us. Thanks to the district we are able to create any type of seating and complement without depending on components produced abroad, which you don’t know if and when will be delivered in this crazy period.

Concepts by Braida’s conscious direction

Let’s go back to Lawrence’s opening quote to draw a small parallel.
The world’s continuous need to constantly move forward forces us to run faster.

If the forced arrest due to the pandemic had initially generated a drastic immobility, now it seems that we are going in the exact opposite way, with no apparent direction. A direction is necessary, especially when you start running.

In business, delays in deliveries, price increases, difficulties in finding materials and countless other elements are nothing more than signs that push us in a new direction.

Which one? There are as many answers, as the problems and solutions we encounter. Each of us has a direction to walk in and the first step is to act according to the goal we have set ourselves. Whether it is a personal, community or corporate goal and whether it is walking, running or jumping, the important thing is to always remember where you are going.

Our direction? Conscious design, alongside our customers.
The first step? The FUTURE protocol.

Keep following us or contact us to find out more.

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