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Renovated spaces and new seats for the International Beach Hotel

Renovated spaces and new seats for the International Beach Hotel

Renovating and modernizing is part of the business strategy of the International Beach Hotel in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a four-star hotel located in one of the most appreciated beaches on the Adriatic coast.

The concept of the owners is the aim of constantly updating the offer addressed to customers who are always more demanding and who are looking for innovative details.

Concepts by Braida has helped them confering a soft shape to this projects.

Renovating is improving… always

Barbara Clementi from the International Beach Hotel has a clear idea of the importance of keeping up with the passing of time and above all of keeping up with her hotel guests.

The strategy of modernizing is the answer to this need. The hotel guests are contemporary travellers, who arrive to the vacation spot looking for suggestions and experiences, in order to get their fill of emotions and memories to take back home with them.

The hotel becomes therefore the scenography where you can build your travel memories, a place where you can enjoy the time of your vacation and the background for your selfies.

“The renovation, carried out year by year – explains the hotel owner – has also the advantage of offering our guests something new every time they come back”.

The hotel is always the same, but in the reality its spaces are constantly changing. This year some of the rooms will have a more welcoming look, in line with the areas that have been renovated in the past years.

Concept and palette

The starting point for the project was of course the concept of comfort. The formal declension of this concepts is represented by the minimalism: nothing unnecessary, only things that are needed in order to fully enjoy every space.

The palette includes two colors “ton sur ton” and an accent which gives liveliness to the final result: white, lava, lichen for an elegant and contemporary effect. On this basic scheme the cocoa-coloured furniture stands out.

The seats instead, harmonize with the environmental colors making every room cozy, without any imperfection.

In order to reinforce the sense of hospitality, it has been necessary to operate as well on the shapes of the chairs, armchairs and sofas, by choosing curved and soft lines. Exactly the shapes of Concepts by Braida’s Soft line.

Quality guarantee made in Italy

The aesthetic choices are the result of the owners’ good taste, with their long experience they have thought about every single detail.

“For example – explains again Ms. Clementi – in order to drink your cappuccino comfortably, the table should have the right height: this way the guests shouldn’t constantly bend over in order to put down the cup”.

This is the reason why the International Beach Hotel has chosen Concepts by Braida between several suppliers selected online: “We have been convinced by their professionalism, they are able to understand your needs, without hiding beyond the standard. They have developed the project based on our requests. They used high quality materials and I pay a lot of attention to the details, like the seams: they are perfect and made in Italy”.

The international customers who spent their vacations at the beach, in the famous Friulian turistic city, appreciated a lot the modernization and the seats with their special height.

Soft seating for the guests

The new furniture includes small armchairs, armchairs and sofas. In the relaxation area are located the most comfortable seats: the armchairs Queen from the Soft line, with their high and enveloping backrest, they are the main characters of regenerating moments, when you are for example immersed in an engaging novel.

While the space dedicated to the bar is furnished with the small armchairs Huevo, upholstered seats with contained dimensions but with maximum comfort.

The best place where you can appreciate the careful service of the hotel’s staff, offers seats and custom made tables, a symbol of that care for the details which is a distinctive mark of the hotel management.

The cooperation between the International Beach Hotel and Concepts by Braida is long lasting, mainly thanks to the respect of the agreed lead time, because “the deliveries took always place on time – concludes the owner – or even in advance”.

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